Educazione come socializzazione
(Education as socialization)

2001, 1-channel video, 1:34, DV-pal

Concept and direction: Christian Niccoli
Camera: Christian Niccoli
Set coordinator: Jacopo Candotti
Best boy: Pablo Perra

Realized with the support of Amt für Audiovisuelle Medien, Bolzano, Italy

It is almost like a cage: Three children, two girls and one boy aged between 6 and 9 are "socializing" by playing with a single toy inside an unusual triangular sandpit with 1 m high walls. Through its height and shape, the function of the sandpit as a place of socialization in the social context of each individual is represented metaphorically. In that way the behaviour of the child during the socialization process, when - according to age - opportunistic and possessive instincts have precedence, is underlined. However, the main figures of the scene are the mothers, who, from above, give instructions to their own child on how to relate with the other kids. It is evident that each mother fears for the social integration of her own child.

2007 christian niccoli. all rights reserved