Exhibition view: Berlinische Galerie - Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, Berlin, Germany

Escalating perception / the gaze

2004, DV-Pal

Two versions:

- 2-channel video installation (7:33)
- 1-channel video (7:33)

Realized with support of Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Concept and direction: Christian Niccoli
Camera: Rudolf Germann
Light: Max Kähni
Sound: Danjiel Sitnica - Lang
Set photographer: Jens Jöster
Cast: David Arterberry, Julia De Boor, Stephan Bürgi, Bettina Kaiser, Eva Kölling, Franziska Krumwiede, Cuni Ploner, Thomas Müller, Gerda Müller, Edgar Wintersberger

Best boys: Raimund Kompatscher, Pietro Mele, Konstantin Vogas

In this work an escalator within the metro station Potsdamer Platz in Berlin transforms into a location for a research of a partner. My attempt was to put in scene a flirt between adults carried up and down by an escalator and the observer. Unexpectedly, while they are moving up and down, the protagonists start addressing to the observer short sentences about themselves and their expectations of a new relationship, as if inviting the him/her to a confrontation with their real necessities and wishes. These sentences are derived from interviews with Berlin-based women and men aged between 30 and 40, who, after a separation, started to perceive themselves once again as potential partners in a future relationship.

2007 christian niccoli. all rights reserved