Der mittlere Weg (The middle way), 2015

2-channel video installation, HD, 4:00

Concept and direction: Christian Niccoli
Camera: Andreas Steffan
Sound: Roman Strack
Assistance: Isabelle Meiffert
Choir: Kantorei der Passionskirche, Berlin, Germany

Produced by Center for contemporary Art - The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The video installation "The middle way" describes metaphorically the balance between
pressure and decompression. The protagonist of the piece is a balloon. This balloon gets
continuously filled with water but has, on its bottom side,  many holes where the water
can run out again. The ballon doesn`t break. Those two conditions, pressure and
decompression, are represented in two projections facing each other. One projection shows
the detail of water streaming into the balloon (pressure). This video is accompanied by
audio recordings of overlapped male voices. The other projection shows the detail of the
water running out (decompression). This video is accompanied by audio recordings of
talking and laughing female voices. In the space between the two projections, the concord
of male and female voices produces a balance of dark and bright tones.