DU BEI MIR - TEIL I (You by Me - part I), 2016-17

Projection view: Belvedere21, Blickle Kino, Vienna, Austria

1-channel video, HD, 5:00

Realized with the support of Autonome Provinz Südtirol - Amt für Deutsche Kultur, Italy

Concept and direction: Christian Niccoli
Camera: Andreas Steffan
Camera assistant: Pietro Mele
Executive producer: Arne Duppler
Sound design: Roman Strack
Postproduction: Rudolf Germann
Foley artist: Takis Christos Sariannidis
Cast: Stefan Müser
Special effects: Effective Special Effects, Berlin, Germany
Set photographer: Matteo Lucidi
Blockers: Eleonora Farina, Marco Martignone
Catering: Simona Molino, Alessia Pastore

“Du bei mir - Teil I” (You by Me - Part I) is the third film of a trilogy on faith, describing the diverse
aspects of the intimate and trusting relationship a person may develop with a spiritual entity. 
This film explores self-mortification, it shows a man doing a prostration, a downthrow during a
stormy winter night. The man is not walking upright, he crawls on arms and legs. Every few meters
he lays down for a few seconds with his entire body on the wet and cold ground. Then he lifts
himself up again and keeps on crawling. The film wants to show a contrast between the storm
(the outside) and the determinate and constant rhythm of the man (the inside).