DU BEI MIR - TEIL III (You by Me - part III), 2020-21

Installation view: Berlinische Galerie - Museum für moderne Kunst, Berlin, Germany

2020-21, Black & white, HD, 14:25

Realized with the support of
Ilse Augustin Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
Autonome Provinz Südtirol - Amt für Deutsche Kultur, Itay
ARRI Media, Berlin, Germany
Ludwig Kameraverleih, Berlin, Germany

Starring: Ramona Krönke
Co-starring: Elena Gosch, Jens Kleihauer, Alexandra Wolframm 
Director of photography: Markus Kloth
1st camera assistent: Georg Kussmann
2nd camera assistent: Joris Taschner
Set design: Elena Gosch, Simone Serlenga
Assistant director: Florence Nowacki
Sound design: Roman Strack
Foleys artist: Myrto Chatziandreou
Editing: Ruth Schönegge
Dramaturgical advisor: Anna Buttignol

“Du bei mir - Teil III” (You by Me - Part III) is the third film of a trilogy on faith, describing
the diverse aspects of the intimate and trusting relationship a person may develop with a
spiritual entity.
This film is about the interpretation of shapes and signs. How to attribute a
transcendental value to a "earthly" shape. The film tells the story of a middle-aged woman.
She lives alone and one of the walls in her kitchen is mouldy. Suddenly she notices a familiar
shape in the stains and patterns of the mould: it looks like a face. Two eyes, a nose, a mouth.
Initially the woman feels irritated and intimidated, but after an outburst of fury she starts to
engage with the “face”. She suddenly dresses differently, takes care of the “face” and makes
a choreographic ritual before she enters the kitchen. In the final scene suddenly both the
mould and the “face” disappear. Instead there is a hole in the wall, through which the woman
can look into a different dimension.