OHNE TITEL (Untitled), 2011

Installation view: Museion - Museum für moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst, Bolzano, Italy

1-channel video installation, 0:45 loop, HD

Concept and direction: Christian Niccoli
Camera: Andreas Steffan
Sound: Roman Strack
Make-up and styling: Daniela-Carolin Bähr
Set photographer: Loredana Mondora
Set design: Christian Allkämper
Assistance: Stefan Andres
Catering: Konstantin Vogas
Circus artists: Katharina Huber, Jakob Nickels, Marie Oldenbourg, Malte Strunk, Ihor Yakymenko

Realized with the support of Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin, Berlin, Germany

This video investigates the complexity of building on each other. This is shown metaphorically
through a group of five people balancing on an rola-bola, a balance tool commonly known from
the circus. In order to stand on it without collapsing, the group has to perfectly coordinate.
Everyone is responsible in his movements for the entire group.