1-channel video, color, 4K, 3:21

Realized with the support of: 
Autonome Provinz Südtirol - Amt für Deutsche Kultur, Italy
Studio Chérie, Berlin, Germany
Ludwig Kameraverleih, Berlin, Germany

DOP: Christoph Krauss
1 AC: Paul Sonntag     
Sound: Roman Strack
Producer: Nicola Herrmann           
VFX: Cristiano Cesolari
Colograding: Frank Hellwig
Vocals: Kantorei Passion, Berlin
Cast: Heike Bütow, Lamin Ceesay, Catharina Hanko, Alexander Knörrlein, Ilse Nurith Lopez Alvizio


The short film SPEECHLESS is about the tragedy of humanity. It is a poetic tale of power games and their consequences. The protagonist of the film is a fish bowl: a metaphorical reference to the world. Several hands pass the bowl from one to the other as three goldfish swim peacefully inside. At first, the passing of the bowl is peaceful, but it becomes increasingly aggressive as each person tries to keep the bowl instead of sharing it. Inevitably, the bowl falls. A chorus gives voice to the thoughts of the fish. But it is not just 'blub' or 'blob' sounds that accompany the swimming. What we hear are sounds of pain and fear such as 'ouch', 'aua' or 'shit'.