ZWEI (Two), 2021

Installation view: MAN - Museo d´arte Provincia di Nuoro, Nuoro, Italy,
photo credit: Alessandro Moni

1-channel video installation, 5:09, HD

Realised within the 9th edition of Italian council,
Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, Rome, Italy
Co-financed by Autonome Provinz Bozen Südtirol

Camelot Kameraverleih, Berlin  
The Post Republic, Berlin

Director of photography: Christoph Krauss  
Editing: Ruth Schönegge
Sounddesign: Roman Strack
Foleys artist: Myrto Chatziandreou
Executive Producer: Arne Duppler
VFX: Cristiano Cesolari
Setdesign: Simone Serlenga
Industrial climbers: Schwindelfrei, Berlin  
Cast: Henning Bormann, Arno Frisch
Assistance: Florence Nowacki 

ZWEI tells the story of two men bound together in a relationship of interdependence. Hanging off opposite ends of a rope suspended from a high wall, this perpetual balancing act is an apt social metaphor for our times.